It is advisable to consume Kuti Fermented drinks because they have a probiotic effect. They are there to help us in order to ensure the absorption of nutrients and/vitamins to be more efficient. They also support the intestinal beneficial growth of bacteria, the elimination of toxins, respectively.inhibit the multiplication of unfavorable bacterial strains.

They prevent food from stagnating in the intestines.

They keep our microbiome, and thus our immune system, clean and getting stronger.

Products made with handcraft techniques.

Fermented crystal mushroom drink

A refreshing drink with a kefir-lemon taste. It helps by the absorption of active ingredients, which are more optimal for the body serve to function. While the one in the human intestinal tract supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, but not until then allows unfavorable bacterial strains to multiply..

It contains bioactive peptide chains bound to amino acids which improve health. The ones in the Caucasus already do its healing effects have been known for a long time, it is considered an elixir of life, even children drink this drink like water. This place is the World, one of the few areas where the age of over 100 years people live in good health.

Kombucha drink

It dates back a several thousand years, Originally It comes from the Far East. The Qin Dynasty is already our times he knew and used it even before, “giving eternal life, wonderful was regarded as a “powerful drink”. In the tea various enzymes are found in abundance, Lactic acid bacteria, amino acids, vitamins and polysaccharides. It’s actually a fermentation process resulting in a living, organic product.